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    For the bolded…BRAVO!!
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    I agree, Ladies. But, alas, it is Jake under the plaid umbrella.
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    It’s still fun to do.
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    Um… Shonda Rhimes is emboldened by hatred for the character Jake… and fans dislike of Foley. She is not phased in the...
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    When are we starting this lovely hashtag?And slow clap because this read was everything.
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    Wow the strong and intelligent women sure do have dirty mouths regarding AT.V. SHOW!
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    Aaah double standards; shifting angles to fit one’s preferred view. Jake didn’t push Olivia. She pulled away. At this...
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    They don’t understand that actors need to give off an air of authenticity. But that’s okay, it simply means the actors...
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    In one of the cut scenes she even told Jake that she fell trying to get away from him. She knows he didn’t push her and...
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    REBLOG for commentary what about drunken elevator scene goodness!? Hmmmm
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    Since when did Fitz “man handle” Mellie? That is hilarious. Did he reach for her had to stop her from making sexual...
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    I hate this scene. I don’t know what SR is thinking why would she put him as her lover when he physically hurts her....
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    i dont think tony went too far. he was drunk. who in their right mind would be all up on someone who is drunk? i did say...
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    Take me to the king (had to lowercase that bitch cuz u know, blasphemy and whatnot lol)
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    Seeing this on my dash makes me angry all over again and I won’t sit back and watch while the writers gloss over this...
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    All of the this!!!!! We should reblog this till the cows come home so everyone can see.
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